When is it the right time to rent a storage unit? Usually this question is answered by the simple observation of noticing that you have more stuff than space. Maybe closets are getting too stuffed, Maybe you don't have enough closets. Maybe your house itself is on the smaller side. Maybe you are borderline being diagnosed as a hoarder and your spouse has given you the ultimatum. Whatever the case is you are the one in control of how you want to live and it what kind of environment you want to live. 

Over the years we have noticed that everything has a place, and you can categorize your things into basically 3 or 4 categories which are, 
  1. items you use daily 
  2. items you use weekly 
  3. items you use once in a while 
  4. items you have never used. 

Everybody has these categories, Why do we have the category of things that we never use, or will ever use? well the reason can be that we think one day we will use that item, or maybe we got it for free, maybe it's a sentimental item, maybe we are just not ready to part with whatever it is and we can't explain why. 

Maybe it's time to think about those items in that last category, If you haven't needed, thought, seen, or asked about that item in the last six months to a year, then maybe you don't really need it taking up space in your living environment. Some people don't have to worry about this problem because they do have the space to store it, but what about the rest of us that don't have that extra storage space? 

That's where Mills River Self Storage comes into play. We have New Management that is ready to meet and serve you! Your belongings are sure to be secure with the 14 Digital video cameras keeping watch. Units from 5 x10 to 20 Ã- 30 as well as climate controlled units Also each unit has a light in it! Don't forget about your RV or Boat, we store those too. Want convenience? Manage your unit online â€" book and pay online. When and if you decide that you do need a storage unit, give us a call or come down and check us out!