Storing Items in Your Storage Unit

So you've chosen a storage facility and a unit size. Now comes the physical part of storing your items into your storage unit. Just remember than even though it's a physical process there is still a little bit of some mental aspects that will make the process easier. 

Before you start loading your items into the uhaul to take over to the storage unit, make sure your items are packed well and they will be safe for the move. Make sure to get plenty of boxes and sharpies to label everything. 

When you get to your storage unit, start by placing the heavier bulkier items towards the base of the storage unit and towards the rear. As you start stacking the boxes and other items try to make a nice isle or pathway so that you can access the rear of the storage unit without pulling everything out. Also face all the labels towards the isle or towards the door of the storage facility.

Awkward weird shaped items store well towards the top of the storage space. Finally close the door and secure it with a quality lock. Usually the disc locks work really well and are harder to break. 

Storing your items in a storage facility can be difficult, make it easier on yourself by thinking and planning ahead!